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Third Party Risk Management As-a-Service

With the on-going pandemic situation, the companies have to be vigilant across touch-points as the data breach can happen anywhere. Third party vendors are a crucial element of this chain as they handle sensitive data for the organization.

Challenges faced by Financial Services due to Current Pandemic:

  • In times of health pandemic organizations security posture should also consider the risks arising from issues associated with their vendor/3rd party remote workforce.
  • Organization shall be focusing on ‘inherent risk’ for their suppliers as it will be critical to ensure that innovation in new ways of working isn’t outweighed by risks
  • Reassess communication risk as the vendor workforce will also be collaborating on data over emails and collaboration services (chat etc.)
  • Visualize contractual obligations of your vendors along with securing the liability via cybersecurity insurance

HCL’s third-party risk management (TPRM) as-a-Service expertly identifies and measures risks of your third parties by assessing engagement scope, business profile risk and control risk through powerful assessment tools, a logical workflow, industry-specific standards and applicable regulatory & contract compliance requirements.