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Application 360

The world is evolving every second. With digital technologies progressing faster than ever, there’s a growing demand to manage businesses more efficiently and proactively, with business productivity a key goal today. Enterprises are swiftly adopting “Distributed Scaled Agile” to bring teams together — to interact, iterate and innovate, with faster delivery and business agility. Globally distributed teams rely on digital technologies and more specifically, heterogeneous tools, to measure and execute different software development life cycle (SDLC) phases, making consolidated reporting a delicate and precise art. Thus, there is a need for a unified digital strategy through integrated dashboards to manage different stakeholders and to ensure consistent status reporting with zero dependency on teams.

Application 360 is a DevOps Research and Assessment (DORA)-compliant HCL solution that combines the best of digital technologies to standardize fragmented processes and tooling across various aspects of the SDLC. Know more about Application 360 here.