CoTrust Blockchain Pilot Program | HCL Brochure

CoTrust Pilot Program

Blockchain has become a disruptive force in enterprises across the globe. There is a growing awareness about Blockchain at the C-suite and many enterprises have taken a head start by moving from pilots to real Blockchain implementations while many others are contemplating doing so. To enable our customers in this journey, HCL has created the ‘CoTrust Platform℠’ to build Blockchain applications in enterprises and facilitate network ecosystems. 

The CoTrust Pilot program includes the development of Minimum Viable Product (MVP) using blockchain. HCL blockchain pilot program offers CoTrust environment availability and support for eight weeks for clients to experiment and define their next steps. Moreover, we avail design thinking approach that focuses on defining the problem and generating a use case to solve it. 
This has eventually led to a working solution deployed on HCL cloud provided by the customer and corresponding code, documentation, process diagrams, etc.