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Interactive Commerce

HCL offers an enriching digital commerce experience, one which is seamless, contextual, and personalized through its interactive approach to solution delivery. The offering aims to ensure an enhanced customer experience management that transforms every step of the purchase journey from an ‘activity’ to an ‘experience’. It also ensures:

  • A 360-degree view of the customer: which helps sellers master the present and monetize the future by leveraging the past;
  • A Omnichannel experience: For an effective omnichannel understanding, customers perceive a single entity that deliver a seamless and integrated brand experience;
  • Augmented & Virtual reality: AR and VR are set to blur the boundaries between the physical (in-store) and digital stores;
  • Omnichannel commerce: It enables a more targeted, contextual, and relevant marketing efforts; and
  • An integration with virtual assistants and smart devices to provide a more effortless digital commerce experience

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