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COVID-19 has brought upon unprecedented challenges for global industries that are looking at redefining their business models for business continuity. Leaders are faced with uncertainties on executing their programs with the desired Quality on time and within budgets in the new normal, due to dispersed functional teams. The risk of quality escapes and engineering changes are a force multiplier in terms of its negative impact .

A  software driven digital manufacturing assistant , that helps in first pass yield , meeting the quality and cost standard  is a game changer.

DFMPro enables seamless virtual collaboration between design groups and manufacturing (in-house or global suppliers) for uninterrupted product development even during major shutdowns.

Maintain social distancing norms for safety of the workforce       

“Through Digital Manufacturing Assistant” that bring design, review (validation) and manufacturing teams closer via the virtual space, and the Manufacturability issues are software enabled right at designer desktop.

Eliminate delays in getting right feedback

Designers need quick validation to release parts for production. DFMPro assists with an effective review mechanism enabling clear and concise messaging that aids corrective decisions for faster product release.