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Emerging technologies like artificial Intelligence are disrupting every aspect of business process, be It operations, marketing, customer service, finance or regulatory compliance. With proliferation of data from digital devices and connected machines, there is a compelling need to secure, manage, process, analyze and glean actionable Insights from the data. Enterprises who can successfully monetize data has been leading the market by clocking Industry leading revenue growth, profitability and customer approval. They have outperformed their peers in providing better returns to stakeholders.  While there is overwhelming interest to adopt AI, it needs to be approached from a holistic perspective covering organization culture, sponsorship, structure, strategy, underlying systems, technology maturity, skills etc. It's Important to handle these challenges and have a clear strategy, preparedness and roadmap to maximize the return on investment on AI driven business transformation Initiatives. HCL brings in decades of technology and engineering experience to maneuver the complex world of AI thereby maximizing the successful adoption of AI across businesses. is a state-of-the-art laboratory focused on AI technologies and creation of vertical focused solutions for Engineering and R&D enterprises. The lab provide a collaborative facility for performing state-of-the-art research, Ideation, creative problem solving, rapid experimentation and co-creation. The lab houses two Nvidia DGX-1 supercomputers to provide an unconstrained development environment for data scientists. A unique combination of frameworks, learnings and best practices from design thinking, lean-start up and agile has been brought together to bring in predictability and with emphasis on concepts like "fail fast, fail cheap" and "to do more with less". The lab brings in the required building blocks to Improve your odds of winning in a world of AI.