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Ucaas Engineering

In today’s IT landscape, unified communications is driving a paradigm shift in terms of both technology and economics.

Enterprises are now looking at unifying various communication tools and integrating new architecture through sophisticated and secure technological solutions over virtualized platforms.
With the services tightly linked to the user, unified communications provides unprecedented levels of personalization and control over the communications experience.

The industry faces multiple challenges like usage complexity, difficulty in deployment, higher Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), legacy systems being complex to manage and requiring trained personnel and maintenance often leading to contracts with vendors, lack of mobility, inability to be used across a broad mix of devices, vendors being slow to adjust to the changing needs of the workplace, difficulty in finding the right provider, etc.

HCL with its 25+ years of experience in UC and CC domain, unique partnership with ecosystem and strategic alliances, multi-service delivery, strong engineering skills, experienced consultants and innovative business models has come up with Unified Communications and Collaborations Solution which is tailor made for the way you work. It has been supplier’s like HCL’s province to build software based unified communications and collaboration solutions for service providers.

The solution can be used across domains like product engineering, sustenance and enhancements, DevOps and Continuous Integration, testing and automation, and managed and professional services.

We take Unified Communications to a whole new level with our rich solution accelerators in the form of cloud automation, adaptors, test automation framework, multi-channel plugins, etc.

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