HCL Technologies’ CloudSec Protection Service powered by Palo Alto Networks | HCLTech

With the evolution of virtualization technology, cloud computing has evolved from server virtualization to containers and serverless infrastructure. Containers are one of the most important emerging technologies for enterprises today. They are orchestration tools that enable developers to package, deploy rapidly, run, reduce environmental dependencies, and manage applications in a way that’s portable, reusable, and automatable. In doing so, they can dramatically reduce the amount of time and resources needed to manage application infrastructure. Generally, the use of containers and microservices poses new security concerns, that enterprises may not have considered. As with all software, containerized applications can have security vulnerabilities of various kinds, including bugs, inadequate authentication and authorization, and misconfigurations. HCLTech’ CloudSec Protection Service powered by Palo Alto Networks targets and addresses these security loopholes. They provide industry leading solutions to secure containerized environments to facilitate end-to-end security for workloads hosted across public and private cloud environments.