IoT in Manufacturing: Real-time Manufacturing Insights (RMI) Solution | Real-time Manufacturing Insights solution

Real-time Manufacturing Insights solution

The Real-Time Manufacturing Insights (RMI) solution addresses the key operational challenges of manufacturing enterprises— limited visibility into production downtime root causes, quality and people issues, and ineffective utilization of planned downtime. It monitors critical parameters such as OEE and energy consumption in real time. The solution utilizes IoT platforms and optimizes capacity utilization, even with the reduced workforce and disrupted raw material supply. It provides insights and recommendations about near-future performance of business-critical assets.

RMI integrates with existing enterprise systems and IoT platforms for seamless data ingestion. It leverages predictive maintenance and prescriptive analytics across plants in different geographies. As a result, it drives real-time visibility across the IoT ecosystem to provide crucial decision support at several levels of the management.

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