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Derive liquidity from within through HCL cash4assets

The current Covid-19 scenario has disrupted business dynamics, impeding day-to-day operations and burdening enterprises with a heavy strain on cash flow.

HCLTech Cash4Assets is a robust solution that aims at injecting the much-needed liquidity into your business, thus enabling you to implement digital transformation activities or any crucial business investments. It contains innovative financial schemes and payment models that lets you monetize underutilized, end-of-life and end-of-service assets. This model can be leveraged to acquire new technology through pay-per-use, deferred payments or preowned assets, and decommission assets in adherence to compliance.

Some of the benefits of HCLTech Cash4Assets are as follows:

  • Relief in capacity strains during seasonal demands of DC, DR or storage capabilities
  • No CAPEX on financial books through short-term and long-term financing options
  • Reduction in upfront expenditure for new technology assets
  • Simplified AMC via subscription models

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