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Intelligent campus network powered by AI driven analytics

Leveraging existing Wi-Fi to ensure a safer back-to-work environment.

As the governments take progressive measures to release the lockdown restrictions, enterprises will have to decide for themselves when and how to adjust their operations. The priority should be to define a sustainable adaptable model for an extended phase that would focus on preserving the health and well-being of their employees and assets, probably lasting many months. As enterprises begin to emerge from this initial phase & contemplate all the ways that Covid-19 could change the workplace campus, leaders should begin focusing on the next set of workforce challenges as they plan for recovery.

As we enter this new normal, each enterprise needs to plan for its specific circumstances. These would include maintaining social distancing at the workplace, mitigating health hazards, community spreads, and using analytics driven platforms for proactive threat management. The intended purpose of this POV is to address the challenges being faced by enterprises in the current scenario and help them plan the road ahead through a sustainable to minimize business disruption.