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Regulatory Compliance Management for Energy and Utilities

Regulatory Compliance Management for Energy and Utilities

The Energy and Utility (E&U) sector is transforming as enterprises are looking for ways to replace aging infrastructure and create clean, sustainable energy for the future. Electric, gas, oil and utilities providers around the world are embracing new technologies to improve reliability and efficiency without having to increase their cost of operations. The E&U industry, which is already capital intensive, is quickly becoming of interest to regulators and government due to its scale of operations and demand.

Increased awareness of the E&U sector’s risks has resulted in an effort to standardize the sector’s compliance obligations, suggesting an impending flood of regulatory activity in the coming years. E&U enterprises will have to rapidly adapt to operate even more effectively in an environment of increased regulation and regulatory scrutiny. This should not in any way make us undermine the risks associated with cyber assets cannot be undermined. The day-to-day operations of bulk power systems increasingly rely on cyber assets and hence makes the cyber-security of E&U infrastructure and facilities crucial. Attacks to the bulk power system, and can simultaneously impact several entities across the country. To protect these critical power assets, the E&U sector needs to focus on critical infrastructure protection (CIP) reliability standards. NERC is designated to carry out compliance and enforce these mandatory reliability standards. In order to achieve compliance with NERC CIP standards, organizations need to establish a proactive security compliance management program and deploy effective security management. Read more to know how HCL can help you with our Energy and Utility (E&U) specific services.

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