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Connected Clinical Trials

Connected Clinical Trials

Inefficient site management and clinical data management lead to higher costs of conducting clinical trials. Conflicts regarding location scheduling and the inability to travel, results in 30% patient drop-out rate on an average. It’s imperative, therefore, to collect and process data faster, streamline data flow, drive patient and investigator-centricity and generate deeper insights aiding in critical decision making.

During clinical trials, wearable devices can be used to collect data streams, resulting in better patient engagement. This will help reduce the cost of site management and monitoring.

HCL’s Connected Clinical Trial Mode utilizes a Remote Monitoring Platform to gather biometric data from wearable devices. This model integrates seamlessly into the existing clinical workflow without disrupting the trial design.

The benefits arising from HCL’s solution are – faster data collection, reduced site visits, improved communication, etc. The HCL approach takes into consideration security and privacy, simplifies processes, while adhering to regulatory guidelines.