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Customer 360 - Rethinking Customer Engagement Strategy

Customer 360 - Rethinking Customer Engagement Strategy

HCL’s Customer 360 helps you overcome the customer challenges and provides you capabilities to deliver a world-class customer experience to customers. Our solution offers compelling, efficient and effective means to combine all available and meaningful information, which is collected during campaigns, sales, onboarding, usage and loyalty touch points, into one unified 360-degree view. This results in effective management of data and a better understanding of how customers perceive the products & services, while decreasing the customer churn rate.

Today, in the age of empowered consumer, data and insights are of paramount importance. Customers today have greater number of buying choices, always-on access to information related to products, and social media for propagating their experiences in real-time. Manufacturing organizations are expected to capture customers’ interest at the earliest stage of product discovery and provide customized choices to make it easier for customer to enable the right buying decision. Also, manufacturers need to closely engage with customers throughout the value chain to build and strengthen a lifelong relationship.

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