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Strengthening The Future Building The Iron & Steel Industry of Tomorrow

Strengthening The Future Building The Iron & Steel Industry of Tomorrow

AISTech 2014

HCL America is participating in AISTech 2014 — a one of a kind conference and exhibition conducted by the association, dedicated to showcasing the strengths of the global Iron & Steel industry.
In addition, the event provides one of the best opportunities to meet thought-leaders and exchange ideas that will help the industry to meet tomorrow’s challenges, today.
As an active participant in AISTech 2014, HCL America will be presenting the following papers:

  • Mahesh Subrmaniam will present AISTech Paper ID 4161 - Leveraging Cloud, Mobility and Wireless in Steel Plant Operations
  • Stuart Querns will present AISTech Paper ID 51023 - Enable the Road Map - Support EAM Strategic Objectives with SAP EAM and iMRO

The iron and steel industry today face two distinct challenges — increased volatility in demand and raw material prices, and shift in consumption and production, from the traditional to the emerging markets. With more than 20 years of experience in the manufacturing sector, working with leading fortune 500 mill industry companies (Iron/Steel, Aluminum, Paper/Packaging) in the world and collaborating with more than 100 active manufacturing clients, HCL is well equipped to focus on optimizing mill & plant systems to corporate systems of the iron and steel industry.