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New Media Services for 21st Century Enterprise

New Media Services for 21st Century Enterprise

The world of media is emerging at a rapid pace, and long-term beliefs about the sources of value in a given business model, media segment, or geography are also changing. Typical examples of New Media are Instant messaging applications, Social Media, Online Gaming, Online streaming videos, Microblogging platforms, etc.

Media Industry is undergoing a series of disruptions both in consumer demand as well as technology to support those ever changing demands. This rapid digital shift is being driven in part by the growing number of connected consumers, the expansion of mobile telephony, and elevated mobile broadband adoption.

As it continues, it will not only expand the digital share of the media wallet but also have a structural effect on almost all media sub-sectors, redefining business models.

Learn more about HCL’s New Media Transformation Pillars

  • Unified Experince through Design Thinking
  • Agile Platforms
  • Infrastructure to meet real world needs
  • Efficiency-enhancing operations
  • Harnessing the power of Autonomics and Orchestration
  • Innovation as a service

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