Enterprise OS Migration Simplified - Migr8NXT for RHEL | Migr8NXT

Organizations across the globe are recognizing the need for agile, secure and cost-efficient technology that can empower their digital initiatives. However, these efforts are often hindered by legacy or outdated operating systems. Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), being the most widely deployed Linux platform across industries, offers several unique advantages and cost benefits that businesses are often unable to avail. The key challenge lies in the inability to maintain as-is business without impacting business-critical workloads at the time of migration/modernization.

Introducing HCLTech Migr8NXT - an exceptional offering that enables enterprises to migrate to RHEL 7/8 in a seamless manner, with zero disruption to the business value chain. Deployed in three modules, this strategic framework ensures end-to-end migration to the latest RHEL version while mitigating all complexities arising from dependencies, compatibility issues & skill requirements. Migr8NXT brings the combined power of HCLTech’s delivery expertise and IBM Red Hat’s enterprise grade multi-cloud infrastructure to your enterprise OS.