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UTAP - Unified Test Automation Platform

UTAP - Unified Test Automation Platform

Today, testing is siloed and confined. Test teams select a test tool or test framework, and then interrogate and assess product functionality and reliability based on what their selected tool allows.

Test frameworks channel testing direction and confine the breadth of the testing. Moreover, in today’s world Telecom/Media/Entertainment service providers face a perennial challenge of converting complex scenarios into a set of actions enabled by a plethora of tools.

This exchange happens frequently within test and quality assurance teams, and inevitably, the optimal test they really want gives way to what the chosen test tools allow. Our new Unified Test Automation Platform (UTAP)unleashes your test function by integrating and embracing multiple test tools and frameworks without committing your entire test organization to learning and relearning a test tool control language. Instead, test tools and frameworks connect to the UTAP’s orchestration engine and your test team programs this engine by dragging and dropping test “objects” into workflows.

In other words, UTAP provides a platform for testers to create Automation Test Cases using a business flow model with re-usable actions that represent the actual steps in the execution of a test.