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Big Data - Driving Business performance with data

Big Data - Driving Business performance with data

Despite the interest around big data, our conversations with customers and prospects reveal that enterprises are facing the following challenges in adoption of big data:

  • Enterprises are unsure of what to solve using big data. They are unable to make a business case for building big data solutions. They are unsure of where and how to start with big data
  • Enterprises are confused with the myriad choices in the big data space. They need technical help in solving a big data problem, and iterate over it to provide promised business benefits.
  • Enterprises wish to integrate big data in their data architecture, solutions, and operations. They want to handle big data along with regular data, throughout its life cycle: acquire it, govern it, manage it, offer services over it, and retire it.

HCL’s service lines in the big data area aim at alleviating the above challenges.