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Readying your Oracle solutions to lead in the digital economy

Readying your Oracle solutions to lead in the digital economy

Digital enterprises come with huge opportunities to adopt new business models, develop digital products and services and create mesmerising customer services. Enabling these opportunities requires a strong Oracle cloud core. HCL provides comprehensive cloud solutions that can be adapted to varying business needs and goals. The question arises whether to move completely to Oracle cloud solutions or adopt a hybrid approach which combines the best of on-premise and cloud solutions?

HCL helps you answer this question with its deep understanding and industry expertise. Using our powerful and scalable analytical tools, we can assess whether your current Oracle implementation supports your existing business process and build a business case for change.

Our comprehensive and in-depth 3-step approach can guide you in making the right decision on your Oracle cloud migration journey:

  1. Create a strategy basis the as-is case scenario and future business aims.
  2. Implement an Oracle cloud migration pilot.
  3. Transition functionality to Oracle cloud, including analytics

Basis this 3-step approach, you can transition from a disjointed user experience to a seamless user experience more efficiently and rapidly.

HCL's upgrade expertise and tools have been proven to reduce upgrade costs by 25% compared to more traditional methods. Also, we can help you rationalize your Oracle landscape through instance consolidation & streamlining your Oracle environment.