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Transform Your Finance Function

HCLTech helps Businesses stay competitive and future-ready by transforming your finance function and giving a reduction of up to 40% in business operations costs with EFaaS™. This translates into savings potentially equivalent to 20% of revenue - compared to propositions from other IT service providers who cite reductions equivalent to 5-6% of your company’s revenue. HCLTech has in depth understanding on the challenges faced by publishing companies and has perfected the craft of delivering tailor made solutions to clients. As a matter of fact, EFaaS™ has been successfully deployed in 3 publishing companies where the benefit (savings) realization is upwards of 30%.

Most publishing companies have disparate and disjointed enterprise functions that adversely impact P&L, and efficiency. The main reason these organizations grapple with fragmented enterprise functions is because of multiple underlying technologies i.e., different billing systems for advertising, subscription, print and digital orders and none of them integrated. Technology transformation forms the core of HCLTech’s EFaaS™ solution. HCLTech’s brings to fore its transformation and innovation-led solutions. The objective is to give our clients a seamless view of their enterprise function, and an absolute control over the same.