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HCL Technologies is Back at Dreamforce 2022!

HCLTech at Dreamforce #DF22

Scaling digital enterprise journeys across value chain
San Francisco

HCLTech announced as Leader for Salesforce Ecosystem Capabilities

Recognized as a leader in Salesforce Ecosystem by ISG Provider LensTM report 2022.


HCLTech was a Groundbreaker Sponsor at #DF22

HCLTech is a Summit Consulting Partner for Salesforce that goes the extra mile to ensure enterprises can deliver better, faster and personalized solutions—giving them scalability across industries. Having completed over 700 projects across sectors ranging from manufacturing and Hi-Tech to Life Sciences & Healthcare, Banking & Insuranceand Telecom, we have learned that Salesforce solutions are for everyone. HCLTech has always laid focus on developing agility, flexibility, data-based insights and intelligent operations, leveraging the long-term relationship with:

  • 12+ years of partnership
  • 220+ customers
  • 4.75/5 CSAT
  • 700+ projects delivered

HCLTech is a leader in the rapidly growing market associated with Salesforce products, including Sales, Service, Marketing, Commerce, CPQ, Experiences (formerly Communities), Industry solutions, Platforms and AppExchange products, along with MuleSoft and Tableau capabilities. With the integrated and customized approach based on the enterprise’s maturity across people, processes, technology, applications and data, HCLTech offers a wide range of comprehensive services, from advisory and system integration services to support services. The company helps enterprises achieve the full potential of Salesforce solutions to reshape business experiences.

Salesforce orchestrates and facilitates 360-degree engagement, building composable and consumable architectures that cover aspects like relational governance, practice building, solution support, joint GTMs and account mining. Pick any solution and the common thread among them is the goal to simplify and enhance the experience for customers, giving our partner the competitive edge in the most innovative way.

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Key Focus Areas

Digital Transformation and Customer 360

HCLTech helps organizations digitize their application landscape across value chains using Salesforce cloud solutions like Sales & CPQ, Service & Field Service, B2B/B2C Marketing, Experience and Slack. With customer experience taking center stage, HCLTech is consistently creating connected experiences through a consolidation of all key Salesforce solutions using Customer 360, MuleSoft and Tableau Analytics.


HCLTech is helping global enterprises leverage Salesforce ecommerce solutions to create an end-to-end omnichannel customer experience that inspires and converts today's connected shoppers, maximizes sales, delivers personalized services, and streamlines internal operations, for both B2B and B2C enterprises.

Industry Solutions

Industry specific digital-first processes and data models help customers realize the vitality of faster business value and reduced cost. HCLTech is leading various engagements using Salesforce industry-focused cloud solutions for Financial Services, Life Sciences & Healthcare, Telecom, Manufacturing and others. The company has made dedicated investments in other industry clouds like Consumer Goods, in the form of various POC for our customers.

Connected Data, Connected Customer

Theater Session

Anand Birje

Scaling Digital Enterprise Journeys across Value Chains

Speaker: Anand Birje, President, Digital Business Services, HCLTech

The key takeaways from Anand’s theater session at #DF22

Scaling digital across the value chain is keeping enterprises busy. Speaking at Dreamforce 2022, Anand Birje, President, Digital Business Services, HCLTech, said the pandemic provided “a digital shock” that moved the focus of enterprises from customer experience (CX) transformation to value chain transformation.

The turmoil unleashed by the pandemic brought urgency to reinforcing short-term speed and long-term resilience. As a result, every industry is expanding its transformational strategy to every part of its business. To succeed, observed Anand Birje, enterprises must focus on three vectors of change: Operating model transformation, cloud adoptionand value chain transformation.

B2B enterprises were seen as digitally progressive. They were adept at reinventing themselves, using data and insights to create new products and get closer to their customers. The trend is growing, observed Anand Birje: “The complex B2B and B2B2C industries were not as agile—they lacked the processes, organizational structuresand technologies. But these industries, too, are now busy transforming. Even regulated enterprises have jumped on the bandwagon, modernizing their entire stack from infrastructure to integration and data to their applications.” While every industry must recast, reimagineand redefine its value chain using technology, there are common imperatives that cut across sectors. These imperatives include customer experience transformation achieved by building a connected customer experience, leveraging data from all customer touchpoints to extract insights using AIand cloud (SaaS) adoption for platforms that enable end-to-end experiences.

HCLTech’s experience in using technologies and platforms such as Salesforce Financial Services Cloud, Experience Cloud, Sales Cloud, MuleSoft, Salesforce Shield, Tableau CRM, Salesforce CPQ, Headless Commerce on Communities, Salesforce Commerce, Grax, Hybris, Workday, etc., has demonstrated how value chains can be positively impacted for agility and resilience. Using HCLTech’s expertise, one of America’s largest credit unions achieved a 60% faster time to market and a 2X growth in the number of leads. A Fortune 500 manufacturer of power engines increased CSAT by 100% and reduced service time by 15%. A Fortune 500 industrial tools manufacturer saw revenue growth of 30% and an increase in service levels of 20%.

HCLTech, as the fastest-growing Salesforce partner, has successfully used Salesforce platforms to drive value chain transformation within enterprises. Value chains are critical to rapidly transforming ideas into products and services at the least possible cost. They define customer satisfaction and retention. That is why enterprises cannot afford to take their eyes off value chain transformation.

Customer Speak

How our solutions transformed their experiences



Helping E.ON connect with its customers better

Video by Dr. Victoria Ossadnik, COO, Digital, and Member of the Board of Management of E.ON



ams OSRAM transform customer journey at scale with HCLTech

Video by Michael Pleuser, Head of Sales Digitalization at ams OSRAM



SBD’s cloud-first digital transformation journey with HCLTech

Video by Stephen Mascola, Senior IT Director, Solution Delivery, Stanley Black & Decker (SBD)

Leader Speak

Hear what the thought leaders at HCLTech have to share

Connected Data, Connected Customer

Video | July, 2022

Connected Data, Connected Customer

Video by, Sadagopan S, Executive Vice President, SaaS & Oracle, Digital Business Services

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