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Discover new dimensions of limitless potential with our transformative Metaverse services, propelling you to the forefront of the Metaverse. We empower you to accelerate your dreams, driving unmatched innovation and reshaping how we interact with technology.

Embrace the extraordinary, unlock unlimited possibilities, and shape a world that exists beyond the realm of the imaginable. The Metaverse awaits you, and with HCLTech, your journey begins now.

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Step into the Metaverse with HCLTech Metaverse solution

HCLTech Metaverse solution platform is your gateway to unlimited possibilities in the swiftly evolving digital landscape.

With this cutting-edge platform, you can accelerate your journey to the metaverse and drive unmatched innovation.

Platform Support

Platform Support

Experience the seamless power of cross-platform compatibility as our technology effortlessly runs on HMD devices and VR headsets across Android, iOS, and Desktops.

Multi-Player Support

Multi-Player Support

Join forces, synchronize minds, and craft greatness together through a real-time collaboration between numerous users.

Blockchain Integration

Blockchain Integration

Empower your ecosystem with secure, transparent transactions, and tokenized incentives enabled by blockchain integration.

Reusable 3D assets

Reusable 3D Assets

Use reusable components and assets to build, innovate, and transcend boundaries with ease, creating captivating digital realms that defy imagination.

Video Player and Presentations

Video Player and Presentations

Seamlessly navigate, captivate audiences, and command attention with designated controls of video players and presentations that elevate your multimedia experiences to new heights.

Audio and Chat

Audio and Chat

Communicate through a Chat Interface, fostering meaningful interactions and building connections with fellow users.


Igniting Experiences Beyond Imagination

Create mesmerizing metaverse experiences that captivate your audience in real-time with our unrivaled technical expertise. Stay steps ahead with our cutting-edge solutions, as we redefine the future of immersive consumer interactions.


Fuel innovation with our expertise in XR hardware, technology adoption, and 3D content creation. Let us guide you through use-case incubation and pioneering cloud strategies for success.

3D Content Creation

Craft, elevate, and fine-tune revolutionary 3D experiences. Safeguard and empower your application assets while forging compelling 2D text, visuals, videos, and guides.

Avatar as-a-service

Bring your avatars to life with realistic lip sync, expressive gestures, and endless customization options. Embrace diversity and inclusivity with a wide range of gender and ethnic features, skin tones, trendy accessories, and stylish outfits.

Meta App Development

Revolutionize your digital experiences across all platforms. Build cutting-edge applications for desktops, phones, and futuristic HDMD devices and experience seamless collaboration with others through integrated voice frameworks.


Craft stunning and lifelike models that defy imagination. Pioneer the future with groundbreaking prototypes and cutting-edge machine learning models.

XR Testing and Support

Immersive testing validates hologram interactions while E2E XR support covers maintenance, troubleshooting, adoption, analytics, upgrades, and knowledge management.

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