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Solution Overview

Digital dexterity is increasingly becoming a catalyst for any workplace transformation strategy. The new ways of working require the workforce to adapt and learn the latest technologies and digital skills to drive innovation at scale and accelerate digital transformation.

HCLTech’s Digital Literacy Buddy (DLB) is a digital adoption platform, a no-code software that can be integrated with any web-based application to increase the digital adoption rate. It provides on-screen, real-time, interactive in-app guidance and automates repetitive workflows. The DLB also gives intelligent insights on user engagement across the underlying applications, friction points, process/goal completion rate, besides giving a complete visibility of the technology stack adoption across an organization.

Solution Overview


DLB’s layered approach to user adoption


1 Insights

Collect and analyze usage data to identify obstacles and opportunities


2 Guidance

Contextually drive to action with walkthroughs, visual cues and strategically placed content


3 Engagement

Shift from reactive to proactive by adding logic-driven rules for where, when, how and with whom to engage


4 Automation

Better UX and higher productivity by eliminating empty clicks and tedious tasks

How DLB works

Evaluate: pre go-live

1. Evaluate: pre go-live

Unlock visibility of the organization-wide tech stack

  • System overview
  • Productivity dashboard
Areas of improvement

2. Areas of improvement

Identify the friction points in the application, where the users are struggling, to address the gaps with DLB

Measure success

3. Measure success

Define KPIs to track progress towards your digital transformation goals

How DLB works

4. Act on it

Build on-screen contextual guidance solutions on top of the app, and automate repetitive workflows to address the gaps

Act on it

5. Evaluate: post go-live

Measure increase in digital adoption rate after deploying DLB contextual guidance solutions

Evaluate: post go-live

6. Realize value

Realize ROI and accelerate digital transformation

Realize value

Business benefits

HCLTech DLB has completely reversed the software relationship—forcing the software to adapt to the user, thus embracing digital literacy, maximizing the user's return on software investment, and ultimately accelerating the digital transformation journey.

Business benefitsBusiness benefits

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