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The Employee First Councils (EFC)

The Employee First Councils are unique platforms offered to employees to collaborate and work toward common visions in chosen fields of interest. They are democratic councils developed for, of and by HCLT employees to run various workplace programs. Every year, elections are held to select council members.

Community Service CouncilCommunity Service: Promotes the Individual Social Responsibility of every HCLT employee and encourages the idea of giving back to society.

Activities in FY 2012: Community-based programs focused on education for the less privileged, supply-chain development, everyday volunteerism and environment conservation.

Talent Council

Talent Council: Encourages the diverse talents of employees by providing platforms to showcase their creativity and skills.

Activities in FY 2012: Creative writing, poetry writing and photography competitions, both online and in-facility. Vocal, dance, skit-production and Rangoli competitions.

Grey Cells

Grey Cells: Enables knowledge sharing and knowledge enhancing initiatives with a focus on continuous learning and building the Intellectual capital of HCL employees.

Activities in FY 2012: Quizzes, essay competitions, Sudoku and design contests, both online and in-facility.

Sports Council

Sports Council: Promotes team-building and a sense of adventure by organizing indoor and outdoor sports-related activities and competitions for employees.

Activities in FY 2012: Cricket, badminton, soccer, carom-board, table tennis and athletics tournaments.

Wellness Council

Wellness Council: Focuses on the overall wellness of HCL employees including their physical, emotional, social, occupation and spiritual growth.

Activities in FY 2012: Online awareness campaigns and in-house workshops on yoga, stress management, lifestyle management.

Ambassador Council

Ambassador Council: Empowers employees to identify and lead the need for change in their respective facilities.

Activities in FY 2012: Activities included programmes and communication relating to Go Green Initiatives, landscaping around facilities, emergency management awareness and other such employee engagement events.

Women Coucil

Women Council: Facilitates holistic growth for women by engaging them in various programmes that enhance their personal and professional growth.

Activities in FY 2012: Workshops on empowerment, work-life balance, women’s health and wellness.


EFCS Councils: Gender-wise break-up


HCL: EFCS Councils: Gender-wise break-up
EFCS Councils: Age-wise break-up
HCL: EFCS Councils: Age-wise break-up


Recognizing Performers



XtraMiles is a unique and democratic Reward and Recognition Platform for HCLT employees that prompt them to ‘go the extra mile’. In FY 2012, this platform has recorded 35,000 users who receive continual encouragement and recognition for quality-conscious contributions. The O2 League recognizes the achievements of the ‘Difference Makers’, employees who have received an outstanding rating in their performance reviews for two consecutive years.


Different Hues of a Balanced Workforce

At HCLT, we believe in a positive workplace where diversity goes beyond differences that stem from gender, nationality, culture, ethnicity, age or the differing abilities of individuals. We believe that diversity is about recognizing the differences that exist within our employees, harnessing them, synergizing them, and creating an environment which is conducive to bring out the best in all.

In FY 2012, we had a special focus on Diversity & Inclusion strategies with an aim of recruiting, engaging and enabling employees from diverse backgrounds.  We identified specific Diversity & Inclusion objectives that include fostering a culturally-inclusive, gender-neutral and ability-sensitive workplace. The diversity objectives are met with the support of the employee affinity networks. We reached out to a diverse talent pool that comprised of women, people of different nationalities, cultures, work experiences and people with disabilities. In India, we focused on recruiting employees from smaller towns and cities to facilitate inclusive growth. We also focused on creating support systems and policies that are based both on infrastructure and people, to facilitate work-life continuity, including family well-being and child-care support.

Various work-life policies and support systems are available for employees. Our office buildings have been audited for accesibility and multiple roles have been identified for accommodating Persons with Disabilities.

Women Connect is a collaborative network that aims to advocate an inclusive and gender-neutral work environment where every individual has the opportunity to contribute, suggest policies and lead change initiatives.

HCL's Women ConnectSome of the interesting programs run for women include ‘Café Coffee’, ‘Stepping Stones’ and ‘Coaching and Mentorship’ programs through the Women Leadership Team, an affinity network for women leaders. We had over 800+ women who participated in various forums this year is a website that encourages our women employees to share their thoughts and opinions online. Through cultural assimilation platforms like ‘Culturati’ and ‘Symphony’, we provided HCL employees with the adequate training that enables them to work in virtual teams across the globe. Our programs include development conferences and social media for improving awareness for both our employees and the ecosystem in which we operate.

Both internal and external advocacy are important for us. We continue to participate in diversity forums organized by WEF, WIC, NASSCOM, CII, WILL and such forums across the globe.  We have conducted 7 ‘Rebalance’ events across India and the USA with a focus on creating awareness on diversity and sustainability for our key stakeholders since FY 2011.

A significant diversity milestone this year was the launch of employee affinity networks in HCL America with the objective of fostering global collaboration. Our focus on Ethnicity prompted us to celebrate Black History Month this year.  In FY 2012, we released two e-books, ‘Believe’ and ‘Inclusion 10’  with a focus on Diversity & Inclusion.

‘Inclusion 10’, an internal publication on leverage commonalities in a diverse workforce was also released. Through this initiative, employees were informed on key principles of diversity and inclusion that must be understood while working in a diverse workforce.

‘Believe’ - an e-book on HCL Tech’s women employeesThis year, we launched ‘Believe’, an e-book on HCLT’s women employees and the impact of the ‘Employees First’ philosophy on their careers. The book was released by Vineet Nayar, our former Vice Chairman & former Joint Managing Director on International Women’s Day. Women employees were interviewed to understand the opportunities and challenges they face at various stages of their careers. Their responses were recorded in the book along with contemporary research on women professionals. This book is available at


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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.