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Products & Technologies


GeometricTech presents a rich portfolio of tools and technologies spanning across Design, Manufacturing and Visualization space to enable next generation product development. With a track record of delivering business value, this portfolio is leveraged by leading global manufacturers across Automotive, Aerospace, Industrial, High-Tech, Medical Devices and CPG verticals. Some of these technologies are licensed to OEM partners as well. 

Key Features

  • Design solutions
  • Visualization solutions
  • Manufacturing solutions
  • Interoperability solutions

Design solutions

Design validation, Reuse and Productivity Improvement Solutions

  • DFMPro

    CAD-integrated design for manufacturing software helps you identify and correct downstream issues early in the design stage.Read more

  • GeomCaliper

    Inegrated, automated and easy-to-use thickness checker for models.Read more

  • GeometricStackup

    Geometric Stackup provides a simple solution to perform tolerance stackup analysis on complex assemblies with unprecedented ease, speed and accuracy.Read more

Visualization Solutions

Multi-platform & Multi-CAD Viewing and Collaboration Solutions

  • Glovius

    An extensible visualization framework to consume 3D data on any device.Read more

  • MBEWeb

    Repurpose 3D data for manufacturing, quality inspection, procurement and service manuals.Read more

  • eDrawings

    Generate accurate representations of 2D and 3D product designs that anyone can view, mark up and measure. Read more

Manufacturing Solutions

CNC Machining Solutions, Process Automation and Material Optimization

  • CAMWorks

    An automated intuitive CAM solutions designed to maximize reaching productivity. Read more

  • FeatureRecognition

    A tool designed to automate the extraction of feature intelligence from models.Read more

  • NestLib

    Fast, flexible and easy-to-integrate true shape nesting libraries designed to maximize raw material utilization. Read more

Interoperability Solutions

Integrate Design, Engineering, & Manufacturing

  • V5-xPDMGateway

    Process based enterprise solution to integrate design and engineering streams.Read more

  • V6-xPDMGateway

    Exchange design and engineering data between 3D EXPERIENCE and Teamcenter platform.Read more

  • GeometricEDGE

    Hub based solution to exchange data betweeen OEMs, partners, JVs, and key suppliers.Read more

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