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Increasing product complexity as well as the unrelenting pressures to improve program cost and quality demands a collaborative design environment, in which information is always up-to-date and can be accessed as a “single source of truth” across all stakeholders. Teams distributed geographically and functionally in global organizations worsen these problems, leading to significant rework and errors.

Many manufacturers struggle to effectively communicate 3D design intent to downstream users successfully. This is largely due to the practice where 2D drawings, derived from native CAD models and assemblies serve as master data for downstream users. This is further complicated by globally dispersed engineering and manufacturing teams using different CAD and PLM tools. All of which leads to significant miscommunication of design intent, manufacturing rework and supplier errors and delays.

Enterprise challenges with 2D data exchange and collaboration

  • Ceating and updating 2D drawings Significant effort is spent in creating & updating 2D drawings with design updates
  • Engineering released data Supplier data is not in sync with engineering released data, leadingto scrap and longer turnaround
  • Difficulty in interpreting Difficulty in interpreting design intent from 2D drawings based manufacturing documents
  • Protecting intellectual property Protecting intellectual property withglobal collaboration
  • Difficulty updating dependent paper processes Difficulty updating dependent paper processes when there is a new engineering or manufacturing revision

To address these challenges and more the U.S. Department of Defense developed Model Based Enterprise (MBE), a concept that is now being adopted by many manufacturing companies. MBE is a fully integrated and collaborative environment founded on 3D product definition (MBD) detailed and shared across the enterprise; to enable rapid, seamless, and affordable contextual consumption of engineering data. MBE promotes the reuse of 3D CAD model as opposed to recreation during the product development process. MBE establishes 3D CAD model as the master model, which has the complete product definition required for all downstream processes including manufacturing.

Services and Solutions for Model Based Enterprise

Geometric and Anark Corporation have come together to provide a seamless solution Anark Core MBEWeb™ which enables organizations to join the model based enterprise paradigm shift.With MBEWeb, enterprise manufacturing companies can easily turn their investments in PLM, 3D CAD with MBD, and manufacturing data assets into fit-for-purpose, free-to-view, and always-in-sync, 3D MBE documents. It transforms native 3D CAD parts and assemblies, together with their attributes, dimensions and tolerances, product views, and other model based definition (MBD) information, into high-resolution and high-quality 3D HTML MBE documents with support for interactive ASME Y14.41 visual response.  

MBEWeb’s 3D HTML publishing capability using Geometric’s high-performance visualization technology Glovius®, combined with Anark Core’s easy-to-use authoring user interface ,enables subject matter experts in engineering, manufacturing, quality inspection, and purchasing to easily create lightweight 3D HTML MBE documents for their in house (‘inside-the-firewall’) non-engineering users.These documents are free to view within standard HTML web browsers, and can support a number of downstream use cases. MBEWeb can also transform native JT parts and assemblies with MBD into high quality and interactive 3D HTML MBE documents. Additionally, the solution integrates gently into existing enterprise PLM infrastructure to access all data real time, ensuring that downstream stakeholders are always in sync with the current engineering released versions and manufacturing best practices.

Key Features

Geometric’s Centre of Excellence can Enable Enterprise Adoption of Model Based Enterprise


Geometric is the global system integrator for Anark Core MBEWeb and has built dedicated MBE Centre of Excellence which provides standardized processes, expertise, tools and best practices for deploying a Model-Based Enterprise. The CoE drives higher customer value via an effective and cost efficient way to deploy Model Based Enterprise.

The key stages of CoE are –

MBE Readiness: Many companies still have 2D drawings-centric product development processes. The ‘Readiness phase’ is the first step toward formalizing processes, making them model-centric for effective design to manufacturing collaboration. Geometric will implement 3D Model Based Definition (MBD) best practices and migrate PMI, GD&T and annotations from 2D drawings to 3D models, elevating customer’s design and collaboration process by making it MBE ready.

MBE Deployment: This step includes the deployment of Anark Core MBEWeb. Anark Core MBEWeb tightly integrates with your enterprise data repositories (like CAD, PLM, ERP etc.) to harvest the complete engineering product definition. Then repurposes that production data into “fit for purpose” engineering and manufacturing MBE documents. 3D PDF and 3D HTML Templates form the foundation of this solution. Geometric’s engineering and manufacturing teams will work with customer subject matter experts to co-develop these templates and implement data bridges to the requisite CAD, PLM, ERP, MES & legacy enterprise software systems.

MBE Scalability: In this step, Geometric will assist the customer in expanding their definition and usage of MBE process documents to address additional use cases, such as quality, servicing and maintenance thereby establishing MBE approach across the extended enterprise.

MBE Usecases

MBE Usecases

Solution Differentiators

  • Creates Pixel-Perfect 3D Model-Based Definition(MBD)/Product and Manufacturing Information Downstream
  • Transforms the complete product definition stored in multi-CAD and PLM environments into 3D HTML and 3D PDF MBE documents
  • Open formats, template driven, fit-for-purpose documents
  • Automatic updates, downstream document are always in-sync with latest engineering released version
  • Transforms 3D Model-Based definition to 3D MBE & 2D MBE process documents