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AI and ML Services

Extend Human Capabilities with Seamlessly
Integrated, Custom-fitted AI/ML models

The explosion of data in large organizations has made gaining insights increasingly difficult — and crucial. AI and machine learning help turn this challenge from burden to opportunity.

HCLTech builds machine and statistical learning models and enables advanced analytics to automatically incorporate relevant data insights directly into the actual workflow to improve the speed and quality of decision-making.

Extend Human Capabilities

Solutions Supporting Effective AI/ML Implementation at Every Level

From implementation to maintenance, optimization and consumption, HCLTech’s proven solutions and frameworks provide a robust foundation for innovative and user-focused AI/ML applications.


Data platform modernization framework that enables enterprises to efficiently build, deploy, monitor and maintain agile and cost-efficient modern data platforms.


AI lifecycle management platform for applying machine learning to real-world problems. AION automates the complete data pipeline from raw dataset ingestion to deployable machine learning model with a low-code/no-code approach.

Cognitive Knowledge Assistant (CKA)

A one-stop solution for enterprises embarking on their Generative AI journeys, pre-bundled with multiple enterprise Large Language Model (LLM) use-cases such as chatbot, code generation, summarization and more. CKA integrates with both open-source LLMs (Llama 2, Falcon, Code T5 and more) and SaaS LLMs (like Open AI). A highly scalable system with an inbuilt knowledge graph, CKA improves employee efficiency by 30-50% and gives them more time and freedom to work on higher-value jobs.

Data Genie

Synthetic data generation for structured and unstructured data to help train and optimize models. Works for a variety of data types including images, video, time-series and tabular.

Related Capabilities

ML and NLP services

Enable experts to focus on higher value-added tasks with ML-powered natural-language interfaces.


Increase the scale, frequency and speed at which ML models can be deployed into production, iterated and improved.

Computer vision

Enhance process efficiency, product quality and decision-making through intelligent image analysis.

Deep learning

Automate visual tasks, improve data accuracy and enable real-time insights, enhancing operational efficiency.

Data visualization and augmented analytics

Streamline anomaly and pattern detection with engaging visualizations and automated insights.

Generative AI services

Leverage large language models and more to enhance productivity and creativity and personalize experiences at any scale.

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