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Ensure the Expertise and Technology Necessary to Manage Vast High-speed Data

Today’s data platforms are complex, dynamic environments critical to the success of your organization. Managing and supporting all integrated components across the data lifecycle, from ingestion to visualization, has become increasingly difficult and costly and requires specialized skills.

HCLTech offers DataOps managed services and industry-leading tools for your entire data pipeline to ensure high availability and peak performance while reducing operational costs.

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Best-of-breed Solutions for Streamlining DataOps and Platform Management

HCLTech brings innovation and automation to DataOps to ensure complete visibility of your data pipeline and maximize impact when intervention is necessary, while reducing technical overhead and cost.


Data platform modernization framework that enables enterprises to efficiently build, deploy, monitor and maintain agile and cost-efficient, modern data platforms.

Spotter DQV

Data quality monitoring solution for the detection and correction of data quality issues. Uses a standard framework-driven approach for efficiency and leverages advanced ML/DL models for outlier detection, data imputation and variance anomaly.

Antares iDL

Modern data platform with integrated components for building scalable industrial data platforms using best-of-breed technologies, designed for the cloud era.


AI lifecycle management platform for applying machine learning to real-world problems. AION automates the complete data pipeline from raw dataset ingestion to deployable machine learning model with a low-code/no-code approach.

Solutions offerings

Data platform maintenance

Optimize your data infrastructure to maintain data quality, reliability and accessibility, ensuring effective data-driven operations.

Data observability platform

Get a holistic view of the overall health of your data pipeline to optimize response times and impact.

Data pipelines support

Ensure smooth and reliable data flow across systems to maximize data insight value and decision-making speed.

Data application support

Manage, troubleshoot and optimize applications to ensure performance and responsiveness to end-user needs.


Drive agility in data management to automate data pipelines, improve data quality and accelerate insight delivery.

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