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Future-proofing Network Assurance: From Prediction to Resolution

Next-generation network assurance goes beyond maintaining service uptime. It proactively identifies potential faults, resolves issues quickly and optimizes network performance.

Network Assure, an AI-powered solution, utilizes machine learning algorithms to analyze and reduce network incidents in real-time. Its pre-programmed templates address use cases across various domains, enhancing customer experience and optimizing CAPEX and OPEX.

Future-proofing Network Assurance: From Prediction to Resolution

Empowering Network Management with Cutting-Edge Capabilities

Disparate data ingestion

Network Assure supports disparate data ingestion that can be structured or unstructured, streaming or batch, from access or core network.

Augmented data discovery and data transformation

Extract, transform and load data into logical categories like traffic, events, topology, interface and configuration data.

Noise filtering and de-duplication

Artificial intelligence-based operations for event correlation and noise filtering, creation of unique root cause incidents for further processing.

Predictive model generation building blocks

Crucible of building blocks of models and prediction algorithms that can be used as a framework for meeting almost all service assurance needs of network planning, operations, management and support.

Model monitoring and real-time dashboarding

Validation of deployed models and real-time dashboarding toolbox for quick implementation and onboarding. Fast-paced iterative model development for model tuning.

Actionable insight generation

Actionable and intuitive insight generation framework for tuning according to customer requirements.

Intelligent technical support capability

AUTOBOT-based intelligent support capability, integrating with incidents, defects and CSR databases.

Closed loop automation and cognitive feedback

Self-healing capabilities for issue remediation and cognitive suggestions for issue mitigation and troubleshooting.

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