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Capital Market Services

Capital Markets

The financial services industry is witnessing a phase of rapid transformation driven by disruptive technologies such as Smart Contracts, Blockchain, Automation, and Artificial Intelligence. A number of factors including shrinking revenues, increasing costs, and capital market compliance add further to the challenges.

Today’s customers demand a rich ecosystem of value-added services and a holistic capital and asset management solutions. This requires a complete reconfiguration of core systems, enabling a competitive advantage as well as sustenance in the long run. Globally, most companies are now embracing agile and experience-centric capital market and asset management solutions.

HCL believes in rationalizing and converging IT and operations across business processes. Our market leading solutions for Run and Change management are complemented by a robust partner ecosystem, introducing multi-faceted capabilities to create a ‘one-stop-shop’ of ideas, platforms, and processes. This ensures stringent regulatory adherence, and enhanced customer-centricity, capital market compliance, and capital market solutions.

Over a dozen state-of-the-art innovation labs across the globe are currently working closely with end-business users and a multi-disciplinary team to accelerate idea-to-value cycle for our clients. We streamline the adoption of cutting-edge Fintech trends and deliver award winning customer experience solutions. Capital market risk management relies heavily on modern and efficient capital management software. Our services for the capital markets sector include:

  • FinanceSolutionsTM intersects the best in software platforms and practice methodologies, enhancing capital market applications’ efficiency. Capital market management is now simplified with an intelligent lending and leasing pipeline for large business volumes.
  • BestXekTM Smart Order Routing (SOR) is a low latency suite for capital market consulting which help firms accelerate venue selection for executing trades. It is also geared to reduce costs while expanding rebates.
  • Finastra FusionCapital Opics Plus is a capital market service that helps manage cross-asset processing for capital market applications.
  • Finastra FusionCapital Summit is engineered for derivatives and structured products for global investment banks. It addresses capital market risk management, pricing, booking, back-office processing, and regulatory complexities.


Investment Research & Analytics Management

HCL’s comprehensive financial planning and analysis services help banks and financial institutions stay ahead of the curve; making informed, reliable, and agile decisions.

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Trade & Settlements

HCL’s capital market solution suite serves investment banks, prime brokerages, and dealers in alignment with current market standards.

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Foreign Exchange Services & Market Data Solutions

HCL's comprehensive range of foreign exchange services and capital market services helps enterprises ensure market leadership and relevance.

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Asset and Wealth Management Solution

With deep industry expertise and Customer Experience focused Engineering DNA, HCL shall formulate, accelerate & deliver Digital Transformation for Asset and Wealth Managers

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Custody and Security Services

With over 1200 man years of expertise, HCL enables a modernization roadmap, addressing every strategic pillar.

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Retail Brokerage App Development & Testing

HCL has deep domain understanding of application management across the trade lifecycle with multi-asset class experience.

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Direct Market Access

HCL’s DMA services and DMA solutions are an integral part of our Fintech offerings, incorporating new tools to enhance the execution management systems space.

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Financial Accounting & Reporting Software

HCL’s Reporting Factory offers a solution that strengthens core capabilities, converging multiple operational lines into a unified and uber-efficient substratum.

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Risk Management Solutions - Basel

HCL’s Market Risk Management solutions help maintain and engineer applications, from liquidity risk to credit scoring models.

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MiFID Transaction Reporting Framework

HCL’s SOA-based enterprise architecture is geared to action solutions that act in conformity with MiFID II requirements.

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Ecosystem of Partners

Our partnerships bring together relevant technology, industry and domain knowledge, with tested products, to present a complete joint solution for our customers. By working together with partners, HCL augments and supports all solution and technology requirements and ensures that the best results are delivered.