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Intelligent Asset Tracking and Management (IATM) solution

Enhance asset lifecycle management for the next-gen enterprise

Intelligent Asset Tracking & Management

As enterprises evolve and their assets become more connected, the asset management processes must evolve as well. Two-thirds of the companies in the asset-intensive sectors, such as Manufacturing, Industrial Machinery, Financial ServicesTransportation and LogisticsOil and Gas, and Technology, are leveraging or planning to deploy IoT-enabled asset management solutions.

The IATM solution, by IoT WoRKSTM, aims to enhance asset on-boarding, transform inventory auditing processes, and improve asset visibility through location monitoring. The plug-and-play solution integrates with the existing enterprise systems to harness the power of IoT for asset monitoring throughout the asset life cycle. This improves operational efficiency and productivity of asset monitoring and eliminates potential losses incurred due to asset theft and misplacement.

An industry agnostic solution, IATM has various application areas such as IT assets, Life Sciences and Healthcare, Financial Services, Automotive, and MRO (Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul) services, being the immediately realized implementations.

The inevitable need to have a 360-degree view of the enterprise assets is driving today’s $5.1 billion Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) market. Growing at a CAGR of 16.7%, the data-driven outcomes enabled by IoT is only accelerating the EAM market towards the estimated $8.2 billion by 2024.

IATM features

IoT-led asset tracking automation for next-gen enterprises


Asset location visibility

Indoor maps-driven visual dashboards updated in near-real-time


Improved inventory audits

Rapid inventory audits with detailed audit reports resulting in higher inventory accuracy


Enhanced asset security

Proactive asset theft prevention notifications and alerts


Direction tracking

Asset movement direction (entry/exit) detection by tracking shipments and assets


Enterprise integration

Systems integration for automated workflows


IoT-led asset tracking

An end-to-end solution comprising hardware, software, and integration services delivered as an IoT WoRKSTM managed services offering

IATM benefits

Near real-time asset visibility throughout its life cycle—from procurement to disposal.

Improved asset life cycle management

End-to-end IoT asset tracking throughout the asset life cycle from procurement to disposal

Cost savings

Reduction in cost of lost, stolen, and misplaced assets

Improved operational efficiency

Asset tracking automation enables improved process and audit effectiveness hence saving time, effort, and money

Augmented asset cycle counting

IoT-enabled asset tracking technologies enable rapid inventory audits resulting in higher inventory accuracy

Centralized asset visibility

Cloud platform helps access information anytime, anywhere and on any IoT tracking device, thus allowing organizations to maintain visibility of hundreds of thousands of assets in a centralized manner

Solution architecture

The smart architecture for next-gen enterprises

IATM Solution

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