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IoT WoRKS by HCLTech in collaboration with IBM and PRESISTEM S.L. (Angel Helmet), has developed the Worker Safety solution, a novel Cloud-based solution that enables the safety of occupational workers in mining, construction, oil and gas, utilities, transportation, logistics, ports, manufacturing, and other industries. Engineered to reduce workplace hazards, it’s a big step towards making risk-oriented occupations safer for everyone concerned.

The solution can also be readily integrated with IBM Watson IoT platform and IBM Watson IoT for Safer Workplace for additional health, safety, and productivity use-cases.

Worker Safety solution

  • Multi-sensor wearable device
  • SoS feature to seek assistance
  • Real-time location tracking
  • Two-way communication between worker and safety administrator
Worker Safety Solution
  • Supports scale and security
  • Management and maintenance of devices, applications, and cloud instances
  • Eliminates multiple devices and sensors with smart wearables
  • Geo-fencing features

The benefits

Reduced accident rate and improved response time

  • Proactive alerts to accelerate emergency response to critical situations such as SOS, impact, man-down, gas leak, etc.
  • The accelerated and visible process to evacuate hazardous/impacted areas, monitor process, and guide teams appropriately
  • Prohibits workers from entering hazardous areas to ensure safety at work

Increased productivity

  • Improved locational visibility and communication
  • Automated access/non-access controls for employees and contract workers
  • In the case of mining, existing manual processes in reconciliation before and after the blast can be reduced by 80% through digital dashboards and safety wearables technology

Cost reduction

  • Saving millions of dollars of medical expenditure, insurance premiums, and OSHA fines
  • Improve employee morale and operational confidence


Worker Safety Architecture
Worker Safety Architecture

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