iMRO Offerings



  • Component Repair: Extensive enhancements to the core SAP repair process ensuring a fully integrated solution
  • Complex Assets: Dedicated transactions for the efficient maintenance of complex hierarchical components
  • Aircraft Maintenance: Internal and third party aircraft maintenance are fully supported with a wide range of user-centric industry functionality
  • Fleet Maintenance: The management of highly complex and regulated maintenance programs and asset configuration
  • Line Maintenance: Specialist functionality to merge asset maintenance with operating schedules
  • Pooling and Component Exchange: Integrated end-to-end support for component pooling and exchange programs


Individual functions within the iMRO product are available to be implemented as standalone components to support individual business requirements or enhance existing SAP Enterprise Asset Management implementations. Multiple functionality can be integrated together to create additional business value and to support more complex business requirements.

  • Maintenance Package progress monitoring
  • Maintenance Quotation
  • Maintenance Event Induction
  • Graphical Planning Workbench
  • Maintenance Execution
  • Enhanced Shop Floor functions
  • Labor Clocking
  • Material Allocation and Shortage Reporting
  • Maintenance Requirement Management
  • Enhanced Task List Workbench
  • Event Management Reporting
  • Complex Asset Strip and Inspection


  • Fit to standard assessments
  • Proof of concept trial installations
  • Rapid templated implementation