Digital transformation for customer value | HCL Case Study

Arqiva’s Digital Transformation Journey with HCL Technologies

Arqiva is a supplier of critical communications infrastructure and media services. Clive White, Chief Technology and Transformation Officer at Arqiva, discusses their ongoing digital transformation journey in partnership with HCL Technologies and the benefits it is bringing to Arqiva’s employees, customers, and suppliers.

Ensuring that Arqiva remains on top of innovation in the industry that is continuously evolving due to the introduction of new technologies is a key priority. Although impacted by COVID-19, like most organizations worldwide, the existing digitalization efforts provided a great deal of resiliency – allowing their employees to work smarter with more flexibility.

Download the full report to learn how Arqiva and HCL Technologies have come together and working to modernize Arqiva’s infrastructure, replacing legacy and siloed systems with a fully integrated, automated, and work-flowed business.

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