Industry 4.0

How can manufacturing enterprises evolve under the smart manufacturing Industry 4.0 framework?

HCL as an organization has focused on the smart manufacturing Industry 4.0 framework. Industry 4.0 manufacturing framework has been conceptualized to take the idea of the extended enterprise ahead. It breaks the silos within the organization and with the help of cyber-physical systems, it takes the collaboration activity and visibility to a very high level, including OEM and its ecosystem which consists of multilevel partners.

Smart manufacturing Industry 4.0 comprises the following components — logistics visibility, integrated planning and execution, procurement 4.0, spare parts management, smart warehousing, autonomous and B2C logistics, and prescriptive supply chain analytics. This ecosystem will be enabled by a wide range of digital levers i.e. Cloud, Big Data and Analytics, IoT, 3D printing and Augmented reality, etc. Combining these digitalization levers can enable a new business model of products and services. Digitization levers are an integration factor of each link of an organization’s value chain.