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IoT security
Is IoT secure?

IoT involves introducing internet connectivity to an ecosystem of unconnected devices, assets, and processes. By 2025, the number of connected devices is projected to touch 41.6bn—with enhanced computation capabilities and reduced costs for connectivity and data storage—generating close to 79.4ZB data.

However, the explosive growth in connectivity would expose IoT devices, sensors, and platforms to massive security risks. As enterprises step up efforts to properly integrate their legacy OT systems with their IT systems, several IoT security framework have been created to ensure that security breaches, resulting data, and financial losses are reduced. The data privacy laws, endpoint security measures, private networks, and secure platforms are being utilized to ensure that the rising number of security breaches does not hamper the exchange of information.

While the one-size-fits-all approach is not going to work as the complexity in the IoT architecture that’s being adopted by various enterprises is increasing, an end-to-end, secure IoT framework—explicitly devised to address the connectivity needs of an enterprise—can help immensely.

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