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Edge computing
What is Edge computing?

Edge computing is the concept of bringing computation and storage close to the data source. This eliminates the latency associated with large-scale data transmission to the central computer hub of Cloud infrastructure and enables quick decision-making. It has a few distinct advantages over Cloud computing: There is significantly less transmission latency, relevant data analytics that enhances speed, and reduced expense on data transmission.

With Edge, the proliferation of IoT and the increasing use cases have made data processing and management really crucial. Edge can be called the next breakthrough in technology innovation with about 75% of data estimated to be computed outside the traditional data center or Cloud. An increased computing power facilitates adaptive autonomous processes and real-time insights, driving edge adoption by up to 40%. Read more about Edge computing and Cloud in this blog.

The objective with Edge computing is not to supplant Cloud computing but to boost it regarding the network’s computing effectiveness.

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