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AI and Automation Require a Global, Agile Workforce

Successful tech companies have four pillars: innovation, scalability, automation and agility.

Tech companies know how to innovate, but may fall short with other pillars, creating a “wobbly chair” that can get in the way of speed-to-market.

Rather than working with a variety of partners to improve your competencies, HCLTech can provide the one-stop solution to help you accelerate your growth through AI, blockchain, automation and access to an agile workforce of digital talent ready to scale as needed, on-shore, near-shore and off-shore.

AI and automation all require a global, agile workforce

AI, Automation and Workforce Solutions for Tech Companies

Explore HCLTech's solutions and services for accelerating growth of tech companies through AI, blockchain, automation and agile employee services.

Accelerate return on innovation with AI

AI is being used in an increasing number of tech companies to drive innovation and efficiencies. Accelerate prototyping, focus on design thinking and speed up your return on innovation by strategically using AI.

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Accelerate return on innovation with AI

Great solutions are built at the intersection of the right technology, the right skills and the right level of industry expertise. A creative environment which can bring together cross-functional teams consisting of clients, partners, and experts will foster a conducive atmosphere for breakthrough innovations to sprout.

The HCLTech lab houses a setup to accomplish design thinking, accelerated prototyping, and showcase of solutions for quicker evaluation (preserve or pivot) and user adoption.


HCLTech is your partner of choice to envision, strategize, and implement industry leading AI solutions.


When done strategically, automation can allow tech companies to accelerate their speed-to-market, increase business observability and create a more stable, predictive customer experience.

Plug into HCLTech’s existing automation accelerators and frameworks, eliminating custom work and improving ROI.

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HCLTech is dedicated to solving industry-level problems using next-gen Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and Computer Vision techniques with seamless integration with RPA.

Automation of complex, unstructured tasks require cognitive skills and automation of rule-based, structured tasks is achieved through RPA. This enables end to end enterprise automation, which we call Cognitive Automation.

HCLTech allows you to plug-into our existing automation accelerators and frameworks, eliminating custom work and improving ROI.

  • Zero Service Desk framework
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
  • EXACTO – ML/NLP-based intelligent text extraction tool
  • iONA platform for enterprise scale automation
  • ADvantage Experience
  • CloudSMART
  • Digital Workplace

Enable and stabilize blockchain adoption

Reduce time, cost and risk by providing foundational capabilities and scaffolding required for blockchain implementations.

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Enable and stabilize blockchain adoption

HCLTech Blockchain Labs is a solution driven practice to help our tech clients accelerate and stabilize the adoption of blockchain technologies in their organization.

CoTrust is HCLTech’s managed blockchain application platform which provides the scaffolding services on top of industry-leading blockchain engines such as AWS Managed Blockchain.

  • CoTrust Blockchain Platform
  • CoTrust Ops Manager
  • CoTrust Smart Code
  • CoTrust Cloud Native
  • CoTrust Testing Framework
  • RACE Framework: blockchain use case evaluation
  • SECURBLOCK security framework

Scalable and agile employee services

Tech companies have long led the way in creating a fluid, hybrid workplace experience. HCLTech can help you take your employee experience to the next level.

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Scalable and agile employee services

Tech companies have led the way in creating a fluid, hybrid workplace experience for their own employees as well as provide the tools that enable a secure, seamless employee environment – no matter where they are in the world.

HCLTech enables tech enterprises to build a hyper-personalized, adaptive and resilient workplace delivering a seamless experience to your workforce anytime, anywhere and on any device.

  • Digital Workplace SMART framework
  • IT enablement and service desk
  • Cloud office
  • Workplace automation
  • Managed Workplace Mobility

Digital talent pool for global delivery

Technology companies require 24/7 coverage, scalability and technical depth of their workforce. HCLTech has global coverage to help with on-shore, near-shore and off-shore teams.

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Digital talent pool for global delivery

HCLTech is dedicated to covering the globe with highly skilled Ideapreneurs, ready to help our clients accomplish their corporate objectives of growth and innovation.

HCLTech has 215+ Delivery Centers in India, the US and Europe, with expansions into Mexico, Poland and Romania. Our clients can count on us to seamlessly expand and contract services based on their needs without interruption to their customer experience.

  • Building new vistas in LATAM and Eastern Europe
  • Existing strength in NA, EMEA and India
Case Studies

AI and Automation Case Studies for Tech Companies

HCLTech's solutions and services for accelerating growth of tech companies through AI, blockchain, automation and agile employee services

Why HCLTech to Help You
Accelerate AI, Automation and

Whether it's launching the first PC in India in 1976 or building out AI and automation solutions today, HCLTech has long been on the leading edge of innovation, not just for the sake of being first, but because we believe that constantly innovating is good for our clients.

We have a large catalog of solutions, frameworks and accelerators to help you accelerate AI, automation and agility in your organization. Our globally dispersed pool of talent allows you to on-shore, near-shore and off-shore as needed.


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