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The SDN & NFV domain presents a number of formidable challenges, like the development of an optimized service roll-out strategy and driving down overheads for multi-vendor and hybrid environments. Additionally, it’s essential to introduce software-defined control with minimal migration costs.

Organizations are also striving to optimize the orchestration span of control across both new and old systems as well as offer converged and composite services. Moreover, the need for extending orchestration capabilities for ‘self-services’ in B2B and B2C scenarios is on the rise.

How does HCL align services to provider needs?

We have made considerable investments towards developing SDN & NFV assets that help accelerate engineering services towards software defined network migration, VFN, interoperability, manageability, and orchestration. Further, HCL has partnered with leading telecom OEMs and virtualization infrastructure providers.

Our offerings include NFV service orchestration, NFV & SDN interop testing and performance benchmarking, and software-defined network migration for legacy infrastructure. As a result, we offer a bouquet of services, ranging from solution engineering and integration to extendible integration wrapper for multi-vendor VNF interop.

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