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Supplier Sourced Innovation - The Need of the Hour

Supplier Sourced Innovation - The Need of the Hour

Innovation has always been considered a strategic function of an organization and in an effort to stay ahead of the game, companies have been investing time and resources over and above their cost of operations. Businesses need to be equipped with timely change in processes and products to keep up with the market dynamics while being scalable and possessing profitable delivery.

A new wave has taken over this esoteric organizational functions and innovation is witnessing a change in development. Organizations are increasingly turning to external sources for innovation, primarily, their own suppliers. Suppliers are savvy with changes in technology, markets and demands and organizations are increasingly becoming aware of this.

To hit a win-win situation and bringing out cost effectiveness in innovation, today’s organizations are trying to hit the right sweet spot in the relationship with their suppliers. We’re taking a closer look at this phenomenon through our whitepaper, Supplier Sourced Innovation.

Download the whitepaper to read more.