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Digitize to Succeed: How moving beyond digitizing processes will build a holistic, resilient and sustainable digital supply chain

A successful digital supply chain will give companies a competitive edge by allowing them to be more customer-centric, resilient to disruptions, process compliant, and able to deliver customer requirements in times of increasing uncertainty.  Yet many companies still equate the “Digital Supply Chain” with merely digitizing processes -  adding more IT-based capabilities onto a process that this still fundamentally a hybrid patchwork. This is a limited approach that misses the benefits a more holistic approach brings.

This whitepaper outlines new supply chain trends and explores the benefits of a truly digital supply chain transformation -  where end-to-end process orchestration is underpinned by a solid data and analytics strategy and the consolidation and integration of key supply chain systems.   

By capitalizing on new technologies such as connectivity, SMART technologies, tracking capabilities such as barcode, RFID and GPS - and then harnessing the resulting data -  digitization not only enables no-touch and/or reduced cost of operations, but also facilitates strategic decision making in demanding times.

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