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HCL Technologies

HCL's ERP Strategy

HCL's ERP Strategy

HCL’s Hybrid ERP Strategy takes elements of Postmodern ERP, Pace Layering and Cloud Hybrid. The strategy provides a core layer of business-driven functionality which has a long life cycle (Systems of Record). This may be based on the elements of a single-vendor ERP or a blend of tightly integrated multi-vendor systems. The driver, however, is stability. This core is currently dominated by on-premise ERP systems, but SaaS is making inroads in areas of indirect procurement, HR and finance.

Innovation is happening at the edge, business functions can’t wait for the long implementation cycles and considerable regression impacts that developing on the core requires. As new technologies and concepts emerge businesses must react quickly, which can only be accomplished at the edge, away from the core systems. These systems of innovation will become more and more orientated towards, cloud applications and microservices. This, in essence, is Bi-Modal IT.

This white paper will help you discover HCL’s ERP strategy in detail.