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BPMS & RPA: Friends or Foes

Business  process  management  systems  (BPMS)  and robotic  process  automation (RPA)-AI  are  friends  with  similar interests but differing strengths. An intelligent approach to automation can help bring the best from both worlds. While BPM can optimize the value chain, RPA in conjunction with artificial intelligence (AI) is necessary for organizations to obtain maximum business value. Combining BPMS with RPA-AI offers an intelligent approach that is vital for a fully digitized business operations value chain. BPMS can be used to develop and implement new solutions for improving processes, enhancing decision logic, and automating vital yet human-effort intensive processes like order management. RPA-AI comes in useful for automating mundane tasks based on procedural logic, affect alterations without causing significant disruptions in the workflow, and automate activities like ship orders. 

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