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IoT enabled Resource Flow Intelligent Solution

IoT enabled Resource Flow Intelligent Solution

Era 20-20 is an esplanade for Industry 4.0. Robotics, Internet of Things

(IoT) & Sensors, combine to automate large areas of hi-tech manufacturing, construction equipment, heavy engineering, CPG, etc. linking wired and wireless networks throughout the world in the making of products, and relying on both structured and unstructured big data to get the job done. 
In the world of Industry 4.0, it’s not all about products, but rather Robotics Process Automation (RPA), Internet of things (IoT) plays a significant role in streamlining the services as well which impacts top line as well as the bottom line of these industries.For smooth and hassle-free operations, the key ingredient is PLANNING. Every entity, process, function across the value chain is dependent upon the planning and its execution efficiency. There are several factors/ parameters that contributes and impacts the planning mechanism in an organization. 

This paper addresses the importance of advanced material requirement planning and its impact on the timely delivery of service to the client with special reference to the product (elevators/lifts, escalators) manufacturing & installation industry. In a non-Linear environment. How a client can save billions of $ annually on contractors or in-house installation/service engineers/technicians in getting the work completed. 
This is a unique and one of a kind proposition that blends strategic moves with the operation/ execution steps. Not only this, technology is the key mantra in driving this relationship of strategy and operations. The key technology components comprise of - RFID / Bar Code, CCTV / Drones, GPS tag, Smart Helmets, Virtual Assistant(VA) assisted helpdesk, Supplier Collaboration Portal, Customer Collaboration Portal, Advanced Planning & Scheduling etc.