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Cloud Service for Energy & Utilities

Cloud Service for Energy & Utilities

Everyone is talking about the Cloud. Whether you are an IT professional or a business leader, understanding the opportunities available with the cloud for hosting, software and support lead to tremendous value when applied to your organization’s CIS. SAP bet the house on HANA as its platform. It’s now betting the farm on the Cloud as the place to run it all. It seemed that SAP’s biggest rival, Oracle, was initially reticent about the Cloud, leading many to interpret their position as a denial of the Cloud’s possibilities. Oracle ended their confliction by initially offering a few reductive products for web applications and hosting services, and more recently introduced a broad spectrum of cloud-based applications and services, from enterprise wide solutions to database-as-a-service12. While late is better than never, without question they are playing catch-up to leaders such as SAP, SalesForce and others.


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