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Modernizing SAP on Azure: Success drivers for Customers' Cloud Journey

In an ever-expanding digital economy, enterprises need modernized ERP systems to realize business value. SAP ERP is the backbone for mission-critical workloads across organizations. In fact, some have over 70% of their core workloads tied to an SAP environment.

Still, they are experiencing limited growth with on-premises workloads which require high capital investments, specialized skills, and other critical resources. Here, cloud technologies can be the key enablers when it comes to the transition toward a modernized IT landscape. However, the fear over application performance on cloud, its security aspects including the potential for data loss and business continuity issues, and finally, uncertainty about the return on investment are keeping organizations double minded.

Cloud is the future of digital infrastructure. It is also the foundation of the digital platform to leverage innovations such as analytics, automation, AI, ML, IoT, and modern application delivery. Also, cloud is evolving beyond just a pure-play technology to becoming an operating model by bringing modern features to the business such as agility, speed, scalability, self-service, collaboration, and a shift from CAPEX to OPEX pricing model.

This white paper aims to help customers digitize their SAP journey with a trusted partner like HCLTech.

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