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HCL Technologies

Digital Core For Manufacturing Operations

Digital Core For Manufacturing Operations

To support the changing industry trends, manufacturing operations need to reconfigure themselves, bring in more agility, flexibility, and higher operational efficiency enabled through digital levers. As a result, to stay ahead of the competition, manufacturing organizations today are facing a lot of uncertainty in deciding their next growth strategy amidst the wave of digitalization (Industry 4.0 etc.) and understanding its implications on their operations. 

Going digital seems imperative for the organizations. According to a report by MIT, higher levels of digital maturity means 26% more profitability, 9% more growth and 9% higher market valuations. However, the statistics also show that 84% of companies fail at digital transformation (Forbes report). To put things in perspective, digital is not only customer focussed as many organizations are adopting digital at the periphery only without creating a strong digital foundation at the core. 

HCL presents its differentiated approach to adopt digital in a true manner through Operations 360. The underlying theme is to be digital at the core of operations which enables the evolving business models and enhances the operational efficiency.