Data driven content decision engine based on viewer 360° view


Content Decisioning – Positioning your platform in the competitive landscape

In today’s media landscape, the market is flooded with streaming services. The battle for eyeballs led by content has just intensified. With Media houses pumping billions of dollars into content creation, the competition has intensified. But the question remains Will it be a success? Will it attract the viewers to the streaming platform?

HCL has been able to identify this as an obstacle from the content creation standpoint. There has been a missing piece in the media value chain, which helps content creators and producers understand which content to create and which will be a hit with viewers when telecast. With years of expertise.

HCL has been able to craft an engine that makes recommendations to the studio houses, producers, content creators, and marketing teams on what content consumers want to watch. It also predicts the success rate of the content created by them.

HCL’s Content Decision Engine, advocates on the content to be created, dialogues to be used, actors that can be cast, promotion, social media, and trailers to be launched and everything that will create a buzz. The engine’s fundamental goal remains to understand every strand of data from different sources, analyze them running through AI-based NLP language, and provide insights to stakeholders.