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The top 3 challenges for content creation

Content creators are challenged with the diverse platforms that users have at their fingertips to consume content. Additionally, these numerous platforms require ever-increasing diversity and volumes of content to differentiate each platform and company from its competitors. Each platform also requires specific optimization to provide the best user experience and preserve the creative intent.  This whitepaper will highlight suggested “top three” challenges: Curation for end users, streamlining the digital media supply chain, and maintaining the creative goal.

Consumers’ media usage has changed drastically over the last decade. The explosion of content “channels” and the varied ways users can consume content has fed this change. Other drivers of this change are the growth of user-generated content, cloud storage access, enhanced broadband access, and cellular performance (with the increased deployment of 4G coverage and the promise of a large 5G roll-out), VR/AR, Over the Top (OTT), satellite radio, and media streaming services are examples of the new platforms available to consumers. Other than a spike in vinyl sales for music, packaged media sales have been in decline. Streaming is the fastest-growing segment of media consumption due to the enhanced performance of broadband.

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